I got a little tired of saying "purple and black tube fly", or "olive and orange tube fly", so I named them after my favorite guitar players. I am not claiming these as my original designs, there is nothing unique or innovative...but they catch fish, are easy to tie, and swim well.

These are "simplified" versions using Arctic fox, a single tube, (add the Junction tube after tying). I usually fish these patterns tied with Temple Dog, Jungle Cock and everything I think steelhead deserve, although I have tied these commercially for The Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co, they fish fine and are considerably less than the $12-$15 each I would need for the dressed up versions!

I tie sparse flies, with a broad silhouette, they sink well and move more than heavier dressings. To do this requires the wing to be supported by something, such as hackle, UV Polar Chenille, etc. A typical tying sequence would be: hackle, wing 1, flash, hackle, wing 2, collar and cone. I hope you enjoy tying and fishing any, or all of these.

Billy Gibbons

- Burnt orange hackle
- Speckled copper Flashabou
- Olive and brown wing
- Olive grizzly collar
- Copper cone

Eric Clapton

- UV Polar Chenille Polar White
- UV Ice Wing Fiber Pearl Hue
- White and blue wing
- Silver cone

Robert Cray

- Purple hackle
- June Bug Flashabou
- Purple and black wing
- Black collar
- Fl yellow or green cone

Buddy Guy

- Blue hackle
- Bronze Flashabou
- Black wing
- Guinea collar
- Black cone


- Rusty copper UV Polar Chenille
- Holographic silver flashabou
- Orange and black wing
- Black hackle
- Copper cone

Mark Knopfler

- Red UV Polar Chenille
- Holographic red Flashabou
- Red and brown wing
- Claret hackle
- Gold cone

David Gilmour

- Black UV polar chenille
- Holographic rainbow Flashabou
- Black wing
- Black hackle
- Black cone

Matt Young

- KF Blue and Black Hackle
- Bull Frog Flashabou
- Chartreuse Fox
- Olive Grizzly Barred Hackle
- Olive Fox
- Gold cone

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